Race doesn’t matter? According to the wealth gap, it does.

Some may think that race is an old tired argument that is just used to get under the skin of Whites when people of color (particularly African Americans) try to justify keeping welfare and public assistant programs.  That race doesn’t matter anymore, especially in the post-Civil Rights Era.  Well, just because laws were passed to give “equality” and a Black man was elected president—the issue of race did not disappear.  Overall, as a society we seem to forget the years of systematic racism that African Americans had to endure before we were given “equality.”

In a capitalistic society we would be naïve to think that wealth and race do not affect one another.  African Americans have always been economically deprived and the passage of legislation to grant equality could do nothing to correct this wrong.  Why?  Because race and the factors surrounding it were never fully discussed and resolved.  We as Americans don’t want to go down that slippery slope because it may open some old wounds and flair emotions.

But I ask, why not if it helps to bring equality to all people?  Last night on The Rachel Maddow Show, guest host Melissa Harris-Perry (@MHarrisPerry) conducted an excellent analysis of the racial wealth gap.   Conversations such as this one are sorely needed and much overdue.  Turning a blind eye to glaring problems will not solve the problem.  Race will continue to be an issue until we continuously have open conversations like these and work towards solutions, whatever they may be.

About Jerome Hunt, Ph.D.

Philadelphia native currently living in Washington, DC. Lover of politics, equality for all, film scores, and the Fightin Phils. Ph.D. in Political Science--Howard University. Currently, a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of the District of Columbia, who aspires to be a politician/political pundit who dreams big and works hard. All views expressed are my own. I can be reached at jerome.r.hunt@gmail.com or @JeromeHuntPhD on Twitter.

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  1. The systematic racism that Blacks…….and Latinos have to endure is not a thing of the past. It is alive and well.

    We live in a class society.

    Hence the “wealth gap”.

    The social/economic system that we live under, have to function in and endure is the problem.

    BTW, I’ve really enjoyed watching Melissa Harris-Perry filling in the last couple of nights.

    I hope MSNBC gives her, her own show. I think she would do really well.

    Probably not likely though since they just gave Al Sharpton a show.

    In the corporate media, opportunities for people of color is still slowly moving along.

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