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Dr. Jerome Hunt, is a Political Scientist and Visiting Assistant Professor in the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Political Science Program at the University of the District of Columbia.  He received his BA in Political Science and Masters of Administration with a concentration in Public Administration from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Hunt received his doctorate in American Government and Political Behavior and Black Politics from Howard University in May 2012.

Dr. Hunt’s disseration, The Deracialization Effect: The leadership of Black Mayors in Philadelphia, PA and Washington, D.C., revealed that these deracialized leaders are not short on policy ideas and objectives. Factors outside of their control such as an economic recession, and tension between the mayor and city council can cause priorities to be shifted. However, it appears that despite forward looking policy objectives, these deracialized Black leaders have not managed to convince the Black lower and working class that they will act in their best interests. This has much to do with the “Black Enough” concern and it may be more perceptual than real. This implies that they will have to do more and may not be able to follow William Julius Wilson’s prescription of advocating policies not clearly defined to be in the interest of blacks and other minorities.

In addition to his research about deracialized Black leaders, Dr, Hunt also explores socioeconomic/social justice issues affecting the lower and working class Black community.  Dr. Hunt also  conducts research about the Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and their quest for equality, particularly in the areas of unfair criminalization and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Dr, Hunt is a Philadelphia native currently living in Washington, DC with his husband.  He is a lover of politics, equality for all, film scores (especially those composed by John Williams), and the Phightin Phils.  He can be reached at jerome.r.hunt@gmail.com or @JeromeHuntPhD on Twitter.

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